COVID-Classifier: An automated machine learning model to assist in the diagnosis of COVID-19 infection in chest x-ray images

Abolfazl Zargari Khuzani, Morteza Heidari, Ali Shariati

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Received date: 13th May 2020

Chest-X ray (CXR) radiography can be used as a first-line triage process for non-COVID-19 patients with pneumonia. However, the similarity between features of CXR images of COVID-19 and pneumonia caused by other infections make the differential diagnosis by radiologists challenging. We hypothesized that machine learning-based classifiers can reliably distinguish the CXR images of COVID-19 patients from other forms of pneumonia. We used a dimensionality reduction method to generate a set of optimal features of CXR images to build an efficient machine learning classifier that can distinguish COVID-19 cases from non-COVID-19 cases with high accuracy and sensitivity. By using global features of the whole CXR images, we were able to successfully implement our classifier using a relatively small dataset of CXR images. We propose that our COVID-Classifier can be used in conjunction with other tests for optimal allocation of hospital resources by rapid triage of non-COVID-19 cases.

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