Human Mobility in Response to COVID-19 in France, Italy and UK

Alessandro Galeazzi, Matteo Cinelli, Giovanni Bonaccorsi, Francesco Pierri, Ana Lucia Schmidt, Antonio Scala, Fabio Pammolli, Walter Quattrociocchi

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Received date: 8th November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the defining critical events of our time. National Governments responded to the global crisis by implementing mobility restrictions to slow down the spread of the virus. To assess the impact of those policies on human mobility, we perform a massive comparative analysis on geolocalized data from 13M Facebook users in France, Italy, and the UK. We find that lockdown generally affects national mobility efficiency and {\em smallwordness} – i.e., a substantial reduction of long-range connections in favor of local paths. The impact, however, differs among nations according to their mobility infrastructure. We find that mobility is more concentrated in France and UK and more distributed in Italy. In this paper we provide a framework to quantify the substantial impact of the mobility restrictions. We introduce a percolation model mimicking mobility network disruption and find that node persistence in the percolation process is significantly correlated with the economic and demographic characteristics of countries: areas showing higher resilience to mobility disruptions are those where Value Added per Capita and Population Density are high. Our methods and findings provide important insights to enhance preparedness for global critical events and to incorporate resilience as a relevant dimension to estimate the socio-economic consequences of mobility restriction policies.

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