Modeling of Covid-19 Pandemic in Cyprus

Sergios Agapiou, Andreas Anastasiou, Anastassia Baxevani, Tasos Christofides, Elisavet Constantinou, Georgios Hadjigeorgiou, Christos Nicolaides, George Nikolopoulos, Konstantinos Fokianos

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Received date: 28th September 2020

The Republic of Cyprus is a small island in the southeast of Europe and member of the European Union. The first wave of COVID-19 in Cyprus started in early March, 2020 (imported cases) and peaked in late March-early April. The health authorities responded rapidly and rigorously to the COVID-19 pandemic by scaling-up testing, increasing efforts to trace and isolate contacts of cases, and implementing measures such as closures of educational institutions, and travel and movement restrictions. The pandemic was also a unique opportunity that brought together experts from various disciplines including epidemiologists, clinicians, mathematicians, and statisticians. The aim of this paper is to present the efforts of this new, multidisciplinary research team in modelling the COVID-19 pandemic in the Republic of Cyprus.

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