SARS2 simplified scores to estimate risk of hospitalization and death among patients with COVID-19

Hesam Dashti, Elise Roche, David Bates, Samia Mora, Olga Demler

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Received date: 15th September 2020

Although models have been developed for predicting severity of COVID-19 based on the medical history of patients, simplified risk prediction models with good accuracy could be more practical. In this study, we examined utility of simpler models for estimating risk of hospitalization of patients with COVID-19 and mortality of these patients based on demographic characteristics (sex, age, race, median household income based on zip code) and smoking status of 12,347 patients who tested positive at Mass General Brigham centers. The corresponding electronic health records were queried from 02/26/2020 to 07/14/2020 to construct derivation and validation cohorts. The derivation cohort was used to fit a generalized linear model for estimating risk of hospitalization within 30 days of COVID-19 diagnosis and mortality within approximately 3 months for the hospitalized patients. On the validation cohort, the model resulted in c-statistics of 0.77 [95% CI: 0.73-0.80] for hospitalization outcome, and 0.72 [95% CI: 0.69-0.74] for mortality among hospitalized patients. Higher risk was associated with older age, male sex, black ethnicity, lower socioeconomic status, and current/past smoking status. The model can be applied to predict risk of hospitalization and mortality, and could aid decision making when detailed medical history of patients is not easily available.

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