Single-Shot Lightweight Model For The Detection of Lesions And The Prediction of COVID-19 From Chest CT Scans

Aram Ter-Sarkisov

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Received date: 14th December 2020

We introduce a lightweight model based on Mask R-CNN with ResNet18 and ResNet34 backbone models that segments lesions and predicts COVID-19 from chest CT scans in a single shot. The model requires a small dataset to train: 650 images for the segmentation branch and 3000 for the classification branch, and it is evaluated on 21292 images to achieve a 42.45% average precision (main MS COCO criterion) on the segmentation test split (100 images),93.00% COVID-19 sensitivity and F1-score of 96.76% on the classification test split (21192 images) across 3 classes: COVID-19, Common Pneumonia and Control/Negative. The full source code, models and pretrained weights are available on

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